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Metaism Methodology Therapy

צח יצחקי לימודי תודעה כח תדרים

For years I thought that this is how life is. You grow up, have a home, children, livelihood, but the question of vocation and fulfillment kept nagging me and interfered with the quality of my life... until I discovered that the closed doors in my life are not my fate and that they can be opened and (let me tell you a secret) - easily.

After years of research, study and a deep understanding of the concept of Metaism from Fraidy Margalit, I am a therapist using this method.

If you also feel that there is a door in your life that is stuck and won't open, you can change it!

Join me on a journey, therapy/personal training using the Metaism concept.

The concept of Metaism comes from the Consciousness Development Association of Fraidy Margalit and Elimor Henig.

According to this methodology, reality reflects your inner world, meaning that what happens inside is reflected in the matrix - in the outer reality.

Together we will work on all those mechanisms that have served you until today, these may be the ones that prevent you from reaching your destiny and discovering the true gift that you are.

We will learn together to identify these mechanisms to make the internal change and through the internal change... Surprise! An external change will take place in your reality, almost without you noticing. This is not magic, this is a way of life.


I invite you to join me on the journey and create for yourself your dream life.

As a qualified therapist in the method, I am accompanied by the best teachers and facilitators.

(The treatment can be carried out remotely via Skype or by appointment at the clinic in Petach Tikva)

Send me a WhatsApp, or call: 0522777250




"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." Carl Jung


'Meta' is a Greek preposition meaning 'beyond'. The ability to examine what is happening from above, to learn about its nature. "Metaism", a practical life philosophy, reflects the way in which the unconscious manages our lives. This is our way of observing what activates us behind the scenes, to locate and reproduce those patterns, unconscious vibrations, that shape and dictate our lives and thus create the illusion of reality.

Locating and reproducing these patterns allows us to free our consciousness from the shackles of the unconscious, to understand and interpret the way we act. In this way we learn to make peace with and love the "repressed" parts and accordingly to upgrade our lives to match our dreams.

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"The rain doesn't fall on you, but inside you" Ken Wilber

The philosophy of Metaism comes to dispel the illusion of the boundary lines that exist between us and the outside world. Metaism outlines a revolutionary way to observe what is happening, to understand that "reality" is nothing but an accurate reflection, a hologram of the intricacies of our consciousness. From this perception we are able to look inward, bring about a change within us, and enjoy the changing reality around us.

While most Western approaches see the intellect as a channel for rational understanding of essential questions, Metaism advocates the study of consciousness. Through this method we learn to manage our lives, to independently interpret the patterns and mechanisms that are embedded in us, accompany us throughout the years, and impede us. According to the Metaism methodology, the patient is the best therapist for himself, and he is able to create a life for himself in which he is truly in paradise.

As one recognizes the power of consciousness and the power of quantum healing inherent in it, it is possible to achieve powerfully precise work with the various brain waves, for the purpose of mental and physical healing. Therapists using the Metaism methodology bring themselves to the precise skill of working with gamma waves, extremely fast brain waves, in which the brain is in a state of increased activity.

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About gamma waves for healing

Gamma waves are known to be associated with mental activity and metacognitive abilities. These waves have short-wave radiation with high energy. These are the shortest and most energy-dense rays in the electromagnetic spectrum. They are used in anti-cancer treatments and other medical treatments. The concept of Metaism participates in an international study documenting treatment using the Metaism method and monitoring empirical results.


What is the Metaism Methodology?

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